to have a brave little heart – butterflies rising – forest scene postcard poem

“to have a brave little heart even when it feels so dark…

i saw one step. in the dark.
not a path. not even two steps.
so i took just one step. and i didn’t know if there
would be another one waiting, but i took it anyways…
because i’m trying to have a brave heart
even when it feels so. dark.
so with no light and everything unknown
and not even very much hope,
i took a little step. and then… there was another little step.
and everything in me breathed wild relief, not because i’m where
i want to be yet… but because there was another step.
and so now i have a little hope. and i still don’t know what’s waiting,
and i don’t know when i’ll get to where i pray that i’m going,
but i know that when i do… i’ll look back and see just
how much it mattered that i took that one little step.”
– butterflies rising