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just go (go where you breathe free) – butterflies rising print – green

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that little
voice inside of you…
it’s saying, “go.” so just go.
go where you can
stretch out and reach
wide and high
and bloom wild and untamed
and be unapologetic in your essence
and reckless in your fire
and golden in your skin
and so. easy. in your breathing…
just. go.
to wherever the brutal voices quiet
and the aching doubt settles
and all those heavy fears you’re holding
on to can start to loosen from your grip
and find little ways to fall away…
because that little voice… it’s trying to
save your soul. so just go.
whatever it takes.
whatever you need to put down.
whatever you have to leave behind.
untangle from it all…
and go where you breathe free.

go where you breathe free.

– butterflies rising